Thursday, April 9, 2009

The surest sign of spring

Some would say it is the robin. Others declare it upon the last dirty snowdrift disappearing. Opening day of baseball season is the surest sign of spring for the Red Sox faithful. For others, it is still the dead of winter until the stocking trucks roll. Notwithstanding the few dirty snowdrifts, I declare spring to be officially here. I took my granddog for a ride this afternoon to search for signs of spring and found it in Townsend on the Squannacook River. The Nissitissit River in Pepperell showed nothing but suckers at the Prescott Street bridge, but spring was in full bloom near the Dunkin' Donuts on route 13. Having slung a variety of woolly buggers at them, they voted the tungsten beadhead rootbeer color as their favorite. The chartreuse variety fooled a couple, but the rootbeer was the clear winner. Must have looked like a giant hatchery pellet.
The Squannacook was 46F and running about 250CFS, just a tad high for comfortable wading. The Nissitissit was 47F and running about 225CFS, a little high, also. Both should be in good shape for fishing this weekend.

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  1. I was at the Nissitissit when you were. Always a thrill to see spin casters in the fly fishing-only area at the Prescott bridge. Even better was the gentlemen fishing with worms from the bridge. The only consolation was they weren't catching any fish, either.