Tuesday, December 27, 2011

To-do list for 2012

It isn't too early to plan for the 2012 season - plenty of stuff to get in order.  Although Christmas is just passed, it also isn't too early to draw up a list for your "Gift-askers." If you are like me, you are always getting the request of "What do you want for (fill in the blanks: anniversary, birthday, Father's Day, etc.)?"  Here is a list you can copy, edit to fit your personal needs and leave where the "Gift-askers" can find it:

2012 Fishing License:
New Hampshire

(In the spirit of full-disclosure, following are a few services I provide ;-)
Intermediate fly fishing class: tune up your cast and learn a few new techniques.
Fishing trip in northern NH:  Alder flies in June, foliage and hungry fish in September
Plan a fishing trip: Lots of ideas for all seasons

Here are some ideas to fight the shack-nasties: Winter cabin fever fighters (mostly FREE): Attend a free fly tying class or watch a fly fishing presentation this winter

I'll be heading south to Fort Myers in a couple days, so stay tuned for some inshore saltwater adventures.
Happy 2012!