Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanks for your concern

Sorry to be such a lazy bum and not update the blog all summer and most of the fall. No excuses. Thanks for the concern many of you expressed.  Your emails, phone call, and questions when I met some of you on the river or elsewhere have finally stirred me to action.  Now that old man winter has raised his blustery head, I am not sure how many actual reports I will generate before I hit the Gulf of Mexico and the backwaters in search of snook, redfish and sea trout this winter.

Some of you may have already realized that I have posted dozens of trip videos on my YouTube channel - more than 100 to-date.  It is something I do for my clients and students, as a memento of their time on the water.  I also really get a charge out of looking at the videos, which remind me of how fortunate I am to be able to share a fun time on the water - one more thing to add to the list of things for which I am thankful.  As I look over the list of videos, I can trace my progress from the Everglades last winter, to the Swift River in early April, through the the Squannacook and Contoocook Rivers in April, May and early June, to the Androscoggin for the Alder fly hatch, to the Pemi in White Mountains in mid-summer, back to the Androscoggin and then fishing the Pemi for salmon with a couple side trips along the way back to the Swift.  Hopefully, the weather will break and I'll have one more Swift River trip before heading back to Florida.

Over the last couple weeks I was busy creating a new presentation (Fishing the Great North Woods of NH)  that my guiding partner Jim and I can use on the "rubber chicken circuit" this off-season.  In creating the presentation, I looked numerous times at every picture and video I have taken over the last three or four years - probably over a thousand photos and a couple hundred videos.  Last night we debuted the presentation at the Squanna-a-tissit TU chapter meeting in Pepperell.  I think it went over pretty well.  Jim and I each spend 30 to 40 days guiding in the Great North Woods of NH in and around Errol. NH.  We are guiding the Androscoggin River from below the Pontook Dam in Dummer all the way up to the dam in Errol - about 20+ miles of river.  We also guide a lot of ponds and streams in the area. The new presentation gives an overview of all the water available to fish in the Androscoggin watershed in the Great North Woods of NH. Soon, I'll be updating the presentation/event schedule on our website with dates and locations where we will feature that presentation.
Thanks for your interest and patience.
Happy Thanksgiving!