Friday, April 17, 2009

Squannacook Prime conditions

I did a little scouting on the Squannacook in W. Groton and found it to be ideal. Flow level was about 150CFS and temp was 50F - both just about perfect. Loads of insects - stone flies, midges, caddis and what looked like a couple big March brown spinners. Only fooled one rainbow, though. And a few of the places that showed fish last week were empty. I suppose the hook-and-cook crowd has found success there. Well, the stocking trucks should be rolling again soon. (A sad but true commentary on our southern New England fishery.)


  1. I thought they were only stocked once in Spring and once in Fall. Do the catch n' keep spots get hit several times in Spring?

  2. They stock most rivers every couple weeks from now until June. Both NH and MA post their stocking reports on their fish and game websites.

  3. Gerry,

    I was out there Sunday from 11am-3pm. Some amazing hatches coming off. Caddis mixed in with little black stones, then around 2pm major march Brown hatch. Sadly no fish activity in all the likely spots. Water felt a bit on the cold side but I tend to think its been pretty fished out in the more obvious runs. The big holes were being worm dunked and powerbaited too. Its a shame we couldn't get the state of Ma to do a better job in their stocking program including float stock as well as having a closed season so fish can be stocked and given a week or two to acclimate. I'm not sure what the state sees as an upside to year round season on rivers when they only stock a few times throughout...

  4. Gerry,
    I hit the Bertozzi area two Friday's ago after the Squannacook had been stocked, water flows where ideal, although still a little cold at 48 degrees and there were caddis flies everywhere, but not a single trout to be seen. I'm afraid that the intial stockings were just quick dumps at the bridges. To confirm this I hit the Nissi at the Prescott St bridge that afternoon and there were plenty of fish. Thinking about making the ride out to the Swift if the flows have come back down this week.