Sunday, April 5, 2009

Rivers look ready to fish

I just got back from taking a ride around the local rivers. The Squannacook near the Dunkin' Donuts on route 13 in Townsend was 46F and looked clear and fishable, but hasn't been stocked yet. The Nissitissit at the Prescott Street bridge was the same. USGS gauge says Squannacook is running at 304 CFS and Nissi at244 CFS. My local wild brook trout stream was 50F. Couldn't see any fish there either.
Also, the Pepperell FD was running some kind of water rescue drill with a number of cars, FD trucks and a couple red FD trailers full of gear. They must have been pretty cold, because they consumed some large Dunkin' Donuts coffees and left the cups laying around at the parking spot. I picked them up, but if you know any Pepperell firemen, you can let them know that among their ranks there are at least a couple idiot pigs.
Some of the local rivers should be stocked this week if we don't get flooded from the rain that is coming in the next few days. Be sure to bring a trash bag with you to pick up after the idiots out there who don't pick up after themselves.
Remember, we all live downstream.

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