Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The proverbial calm after the storm

Irene came and went. Luckily for NH she stayed to the west over VT.  Even so, there was unbelievable flooding of the Pemigewasset, Ellis and Saco Rivers.  You can check out some of these YouTube videos to see what happened:

Yesterday I made the rounds of some spots on the Pemigewasset River in Franklin, Bristol and North Woodstock.  It is still real high, but the further upriver you go, the better current conditions.  I am certain the Pemi in North Woodstock is fishable today (don't expect to find a lot of fish though!)  I imagine I'll have to learn the new contours of the riverbed, too.  At least the ponds were not affected.  There were fish rising on Sky Pond, Profile and Echo lakes.
As the nights get short and cooler, the fishing in some of the rivers should pick up. In particular the upper and lower Androscoggin, CT river from Pittsburg down through North Stratford and the Contoocook and Sugar Rivers.  Hopefull NH Fish and Game still has a few fish they can put out to sweeten the fall fishing.


  1. Thank you for the update Gerry,
    We have been in Errol before the State closed the parks and we had a couple of good fishing days. We went also to Maine and fished the Magalloway which was also very good. I'll try to get up there again on the end of the month.....May I catch you riverside :-) And thanks you for all what you toad me. (it's nice when you are on the river in the morning with just two locals and you catch ... they don't :-) I must be doing something right.... Greetings also to Jim Norbert W NH

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