Friday, November 12, 2010

Veteran's Day Trout on the Squannacook River

Yesterday I paid a visit to the Squannacook River in West Groton.  I ran into some good friends there and took this video of their fishing exploits. I am sure many of you will recognize their handsome faces.  Enjoy!

Today I took George (of broodstock salmon fame - see the earlier report) to the Swift River. He had a fantastic day there.  Report and pictures in process.


  1. Very nice Gerry and nice plug for Charlies shop.
    He's a great guy -I buy all my equipment and materials there.

  2. Jack,
    Thanks, glad you liked it.

    As far as Evening Sun fly shop goes, it is a treasure that all local anglers need to support, because it is a dying breed. All the big-box kind of sporting stores, on-line suppliers and direct-from-the-manufacturer sales are killing the local shops. The prices are not any higher at the local shop and the customer service you get at a shop like Evening Sun is priceless. Yes, Charlie is a friend of mine, but we need to support all the local guys- Jim Makris at Opechee trading Post in Laconia; Jim/Janet Thompson at North Country Angler in No. Conway; and Stone River Outfitters in Bedford, NH. I am sure there are other locally run shops that are your favorite. All I can say is, "Use it or lose it."

  3. There is another local shop thats actually located closer to me but I prefer not to shop there. No need to go into details, lets just say we don't see eye to eye. Conversely, Charlie and I have become very good friends and fish together when our times permit. I love his shop, more of a throwback to the old days which is great, as compared to the corporate yuppie shops with dog beds and luggage if you get my drift. He is very helpful and truly cares about his customers, even more so as people rather than just $$$sales. Thats why I shop there. I'm sure I'll bump into at the shop some time.