Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Next stop: Farmington River

Today Stan and I made the run down to Riverton/New Hartford, CT to fish the Farmington, one of my (many) favorite rivers in New England.  After a few days of rainy, blustery weather, the skies began to clear and it was great to be out on the water.  As the day began to warm a bit (air temp 59F and water 50F) we saw a few BWO hatching and one solitary tan caddis in mid-afternoon.  Very few rises, and so sporadic that we couldn't target any particular fish. We made the rounds of many of our usual haunts: Beaver pool, Whittemore, Church Pool, Greenwoods, Central Riffle, Boneyard and Ovation.  After all that we each had a couple strikes with missed hook-ups and we each landed a fish.  Stan got a nice rainbow pictured below and I got about a 15 inch brown.  Stan got his on a white sparkle softhackle and I got mine on a white diamond-braid egg cluster.
George called me to have me take him and a friend fishing this Friday. We haven't totally dialed it in yet, but we'll probably do a tour/lesson/fishing of the Swift River.  Tomorrow, I'll be somewhere, but haven't decided where yet.  Any suggestions or requests?


  1. The Farmy is a great trout fishery. I live close by but only fish it a few times a year.

    My passion is the small streams and wild trout.

    I enjoy your blog.

  2. The farmington has been fishing slow now for a while . I was down there with good friend Charlie S. a (you know him)a few weeks ago. The flows were great, right at 400cfs, but after three hours of fishing only had a couple rainbows and browns to show for it. Also, there was no one on the river that day. That tells you something is us. Not sure whether it is due to lack if significant hatches yet (bwo's) or some effect from the summer drought but it has not been the same in some time. We ended heading over to the Swift that afternoon around 3:00 and promptly landed just under a dozen fish between us from 3:30 until dark.