Monday, July 26, 2010

Pemigewasset River mid-Summer adventure

Had a blast yesterday on the Pemigewasset River in the Woodstock/Thornton area. Two really nice people (Hi Kirk and Zeba!) wanted to learn to fly fish in New Hampshire and the Pemi was the place.  Water temp was 68F, a little warm, but still fishable.  The rain showers a few days ago charged-up the river and I hope the cooler nights we have been having will keep the water temperatures in the 60s.  We found a few fish willing to whack a dry fly and a couple others willing to gobble a woolly-bugger.  Skating a stimulator seemed to be the flavor of the day, so we obliged.  One of the areas we fished was the "Exit 31 Project" completed last Fall by the Pemigewasset TU chapter.  This area of the river had been a long extremely shallow riffle caused by an in-stream gravel operation.  There was no holding water, pools or runs and no way for woody debris to accumulate to provide forage for aquatic insects.  TU raised grant money to fund the project that involved dredging the channel, installing some weirs to create pools and runs, and doing some plantings of willows that will help stabilize the banks and provide riparian cover.  The fish seem to like it and I think it will evolve into some great habitat.  Here is a video of the trip.


  1. Thanks for being such a great instructor, Gerry! We felt like we learned quite a bit and loved every minute :)

  2. Great time, Gerry! Thanks for the instruction!

  3. Nice...
    I have not been out in weeks. Last 2 times I went - all I got was bass and the water temps have been too high. Nice to see that not all the trout have died in this heat wave.


  4. Eric,
    I guided there today and the water was running a lot lower (under 200CFS, compared to 300+ on Sunday.) BUT it was 64F this morning.

  5. Nice,
    My last fly trip was to Pitt 4th of July weekend.
    Did ok- nothing of any size. I took a Pitt rookie with me- beginners luck- he got a nice 18" brookie. I have only been bass fishing since.

    I have a brand new Sage 6wt that is begging to get out, but it is going to have to wait for another trip to Pitt. Maybe for my b-day next month I get the wife to let me head up for a day. But, I may have to go hit the Suc or upper Pemi if it is still holding fish. I have been working on the honey-do list that I neglected while I was fishing April-June... After September 1st- I am not allowed any trips north... my wife is due in October.

    But I am prepared- I already got the little one her own pink fly vest from LL Bean... HEHEHE...


  6. Hi Gerry,

    I am heading up to Pemi tomorrow for a week. What kind of flies/size would you recommend? Also, should I try to fish in the Woodstock/Thornton area or between Campton/Thornton.

    Thanks in advance,