Sunday, July 4, 2010

New Fly Fishing Expose' now available

Yes, I tried to keep it under wraps, but wouldn't you know it - My guiding partner Jim Norton just published a book titled "Granite Lines." He portrays it as over 20 years of articles he has written in the Manchester Union Leader and other rags, but in reality it is over 20 years of secret fishing information about trips we have taken together (and some he took on his own). It is available in local stores like the Evening Sun Fly Shop in Pepperell, MA and on-line, as well. Complete information about the book and where to buy it is found on our website. After you read the book, see me and I will fill in all the juicy details that couldn't be put into print.
I think it is pretty good, but I might be a little biased.  Maybe some of you folks that already read it can comment?


  1. Gerry, Jim, all- I'm enjoying Jim's book very much. I have a modest collection of outdoor books written by local authors and about local areas. Nice to read stories about places and people that I know. As always, I am savoring Jim's book i.e. I don't read more than a chapter at a time. Trying to make it last. I appreciate Jim's personal message and autograph. I recommend it highly to anyone interested in New England outdoors-
    Jeff Lindberg

  2. I really enjoyed this book. It was like going on many different fly fishing trips with the author and his friends. If you want to get your fly fishing "fix" when you can't get out, buy this book.

  3. As I finished each chapter I said to myself,"I wish I'd been there"! These stories should appeal to all fishermen and outdoorsmen, as they recount trips we all think about doing but rarely make the effort. If you enjoy armchair adventures, you will love this book.
    Jerry Bernier

  4. Easily read & wonderfully enjoyed. I've taken trips with a like group of guys for 30 years. It returned me to a time of early morning travel on bad roads to cast lines on waters that would have been better fished last week. It's a sharing of the joys and the unexpected enounters as a group and washing it all down at days end with refreshments & laughter. Informative & absorbing.

  5. For over fourteen years I read Jim's columns and looked forward to each exploit of the BSC and searched the stories looking for tips and "secret spots." Then I met them and they are real people, welcoming warm folks who love to fish and have a good time. If you like the fly fishing, if you like the outdoors and travel, if you enjoy people then you will enjoy this book. A great read.