Wednesday, June 2, 2010

One that got away

Sunday my youngest daughter got married and it is hard to say who was happier - her or her dad.  Great reception at Atkinson CC, and then back to work on Tuesday. 
Took out another beginner, solo this time - it was a birthday gift from her sister.  She finally caught on that you don 't have to overpower the cast to get the fly out to where the fish are. After sending her on her way in between a few raindrops, I checked out the FFO section below the lake dam on the Newfound River.  Got two LL salmon, about 10 inches, a brooktrout, rainbow and a smallmouth, all on nymphs.  Plenty of caddis, but no rises.  Hopefully the rain showers will cool things off and the hatchery truck will pay a visit this week.  Water temp was 66F, and should go a little lower with cool nights and rain in the forecast, although the water level is very low.


  1. Gerry,
    You guys lucked out with a beautiful weekend for a wedding. And you are going to have swap notes with me. I get to become a dad for the first time in October. I need to find out how you convince your wife to let you go fishing so much... LOL

    I have a couple quick questions for ya...
    1- what was that algae on the rocks at Newfound? It is everywhere up by the dam. It's not didymo, but it is getting pretty overloaded.
    2- How long do you think we have there? My estimate is that the dam pool will be in the 70's here shortly and the fish will belly up. Friday- the fish had some nice color to them, but by Monday night- they were pale and not as active. The weather this year is a mess.

    BTW- I did ask my wife for either my b-day or xmas for a guided day with you guys. The new little bundle and the furniture for the nursery put a hold on that. But sometime shortly... My fishing buddy and I could use some guidance and cleaning up our techniques.

  2. Ah, the girl children.
    I have yet to marry off either one and they are 27 and 29.
    If I get off early enough tomorrow, I might head back to Bristol for a couple hours. Looks like maybe a breather with cooler temps at night and possible rain for the next few days. A few sprinkles will help, but what we really need is a long slow soaker. Wouldn't it be nice to fish in that kind of weather for a day or so?
    Congratulation on the wedding of your baby, Gerry.

  3. Eric,
    That algae has been in the Newfound River for years. Definitely not didymo. I suspect it might be a reason why there is so much insect life in the Newfound. Good caddis food? As far as my wife letting me fish, that is a little more complicated. First, I guide a whole lot more than I fish. And my better half gets the bulk of my tip money right off the top. Also, our winters in Florida are primarily funded by the guide business. So I don't go fishing, I go to work. (And when I go fishing it is "research" or a "scouting" trip ;-)
    We really need a good rain to help keep some fish in all the southern NH Rivers. I recommend heading further north to the Pemi, Ammo, Saco, Androscoggin or CT Rivers if we don't get significant rain soon.

  4. And thank you guys for the kind words and wedding congrats!

  5. Ah...
    Turn your hobby into a money making venture that you enjoy. You are a very wise man. LOL. Get to do what you love and bring home money to the wife.


    BTW- I saw a CO taking reading on Newfound monday night. I think they are keeping an eye on water temps and bacteria levels this year with the early rise in temps. It may be affecting their stocking schedule with this whacked out weather pattern we are in. Kind of surprised me- they didn't check our licenses.

  6. Congrats on your daughter's wedding! I scouted the three areas in North Woddstock that you mentioned. I could not find the area that you go down a steep road to get to. The "beach" area near the bridge looks like it may hold some fish as well.

    The only place I had time to fish was right below the dam. I caught two little brookies (and I mean little). I quess I won't be neeeding a bigger boat as they say.

    Glad to hear both you and daughter had a great day.

  7. Bob,
    That wasn't a "steep road" it is a "steep embankment" about 100 yards upriver from the dam.
    Thanks on the wedding congrats!
    See you soon,

  8. Finally,
    Some much needed rain and cooler temps...