Sunday, May 23, 2010

First among many

Many times I have remarked (both here and in the "real world") how lucky I am to share so many "firsts."  Yesterday was one among many, with each one even more special than the last. Sometimes it is a first fish, or a first trout, other times it is a first brown, etc. Yesterday it was all of those and more - the first fly fishing trip of many, many more to come between old friends.  Jeffrey, a long-time follower of this blog, wanted to spend a day on the water with me, but his real motive was to get his friend Matt hooked on fly fishing.  Mission accomplished! I won't bore you with all the details, but suffice to say Matt is a convert to the gentle art of the long rod.  Way to go, guys! 
The Hendrickson hatch is now history.  Now we have a few March browns; some BWO; plenty of brown, tan, black and green caddis; and one Eastern drake.  Most dry fly action is late afternoon, into the evening.  I hit the Farmington River in CT on Friday.  Another one where a regular client of mine wanted to indoctrinate his friend in the way of the long rod.  Mission accomplished, and after they went their way, it was time for the guide to take a few minutes to fish on his own time. 
Nice brown on a dry at dusk. Enjoy!
Now it is off to the Contoocook River with four more converts to indoctrinate! Tight Lines!
PS Here is one of the "converts to the long rod" with his first fish on a fly/first trout/first rainbow caught on a size 18 softhackle cast to a rising fish.  Way to go Tom!


  1. Gerry,
    I laugh- I got my friend Mark hooked on the long rod last year. His first atlantic on a 6wt and he was hooked. It is funny the first time you see someone get a nice fish on a fly rod. There is a feeling of accomplishment you don't get with spinning gear. He's hooked now. I think he has 3 fly rods, a bunch of reels and spools, and I think the guys at Stone River all know him on a first name basis... LOL.
    He even upgraded this past winter to a beautiful Sage 4wt that I think you would have to rip out of his cold dead hand. The 4 'bows he landed on it last night- made him happy. I can't complain- I landed 3 nice bows myself and snapped off a 4lb smallie trying to net it. I'll just say that your favorite dam got it's supply of 'bows this week.

    Even my wife got in on the act last year. I let her play with my 5wt. The only problem- she didn't get the point that the fish don't hit the fly in the air while you are casting. I think she had more fun trying to cast than trying to actually catch a fish.


  2. Its nice to see a video and hear dialog. Can't get enough this time of year.
    Good job converting folks to the proper angle.