Thursday, April 29, 2010

Typical spring?

Just when you thought we were having an early spring (early ice-out on the lakes; no nor'easters, etc) it up and snows almost 2-feet in the Whites! That should help the June fishing up there, maybe delay the May hatches a little. Around here the water levels are great and the bugs are starting to show, and although water temps are still in the 40s, we should see them go into the 50s this weekend.
Last weekend we held the April session of the Northeast Fly Fishing School. On Sunday we did the on-the-water guiding session on the Squannacook and Nissitissit Rivers. Our students were able to fool a few fish - MANY "firsts" - first fish; first fish on a fly; first trout on a fly, etc. Here is a link to the pictures: Northeast FF School You notice there were four women in the class - three of them landed at least one trout. Also a couple young folks attended, all of which bodes well for the sport. We have two more classes (both full) in May. Now we are booking on-the-water private and semi-private lessons and guide trips.
Monday I took a family to the Contoocook River for lesson/fishing - water still a little high and cold. One fish caught in a couple hours of fishing. Not many insects around (the Squannacook was loaded with Quill Gordons and a few small caddis) but things should begin to pop as the water warms a bit. See you on the water!


  1. Gerry,
    FYI- Newfound River is stocked with brookies- I had a good day at the dam. My buddy picked up 2 bows too. I don't think they put the brood stock in though at the Pemi. There was 8-10 guys at Coolidge Woods- and not one hit...

    But I have a question for you. I had a slide and damaged the seam on my waders. I am going to replace them this week. From your experience- Orvis, Bean, Cabelas, or Simms. What would you go for? I am leaning towards the Simms Freestone. But thought you may have some insight into what works and doesn't.


  2. I always go with LL Bean. I can buy 5 Bean Emergers for the price of 1 Simms. Bean has an unconditional no-questions-asked warranty. (If you buy Simms, buy it at Beans and save the receipt, since their warranty extends to anything they sell.) I also buy a lot of stuff on, which has great prices.
    Thanks for the tip on the Newfound.
    I am trying to get away this week to hit the Hendricksons on the Farmington - maybe Thursday. Today I'll be showing a couple clients around on the Squannacook and giving them some nymphing lessons.
    tight lines

  3. Went with the Beans...
    I found a pair of LL Bean Wicked Tough Gortex at the LL Bean outlet...

    We'll see if they leak or not later this week...
    And I checked- LL Bean's warranty covers returned/outlet items.