Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Passing of a great guy

It saddens me to have to report the passing of Dan Duggan of Pepperell, MA last Saturday. Dan was a great guy, bamboo rod builder par excellence and a good friend. Dan was River Stix Custom Rods. Email me if you want to know of the viewing/funeral arrangements.

On a happier note, Dick and I made the rounds of the local brooks and rivers yesterday. All are still a little high, very clear and within a day of so of optimum levels. Water temperature was a balmy 55F, which is ideal for trout. In my local wild brook trout stream the honey-hole was full of yellow perch who have ascended from the Nashua River for their spawning run. They probably ate every young of the year brook trout in their path, but will be leaving a load of eggs and fry for the wild brookies to feast on. The Nissitissit and Squannacook Rivers should receive their first visit from the hatchery trucks this week. Stay tuned. I'll soon be out christening the River Stix bamboo rod Joanne got me for Christmas.

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  1. Sorry to hear about Dan. It is tough losing what sounds like a good guy and true artisan of his craft. There aren't too many artist left that make really good custom bamboo rods. It's a difficult medium to work in.

    So - I got up to Newfound this afternoon. And I washed a bunch of flies up by the dam. I worked that whole stretch and didn't see a thing. I talked to the other 2 guys that were up there and they hadn't seen anything. I think the 1100 cfs last week blew all the fish down stream and into the Pemi. The flow wasn't bad- 300cfs, but it is definitely deeper than normal. Oh well... A bad day fishing is still better than a good day of sanding drywall...