Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Show in NH

Just when you thought all the Fly Fishing shows were done, another one comes along. For many years the Country Pond Fish and Game club had put on a FF show. That is until about ten years ago. Well, they are back at it and it sounds like it could be another good one, similar to the FFNH show in Pelham. Next Saturday March 20 from 9AM to 5PM they will hold the show in their Newton, NH clubhouse. The Merrimack River Valley TU chapter will be exhibiting there, as well as my partner Jim at the NH Rivers Guide Service booth. Stop in at both booths and tell them Gerry sent you. They might be willing to share some fishing secrets with you.


  1. Gerry,
    You may know this.
    What is the safe wadeable range for the Newfound River?

    Right now it is in the 275cfs range.
    I am drawing a blank.


  2. Eric,
    I like it under 150CFS and usually fish it less than that. You might be able to fish the dam pool at that level.
    let me know how you do.

  3. Thanks Gerry,
    We are probably going to hit it on Sunday. I have some painting to do on Saturday before I get to go out and play.

    I'll let you know if we hit anything in there.
    Mark and I have to bug to get out and toss a fly around for a couple of hours.