Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bottom of the 9th with two outs - Fish!

Stan and I made one last trip today - to the Orange River, where we rented a couple kayaks. About 6 weeks ago when we last came here we read in the paper that over 900 manatees were counted here. They like the warm water discharge from the power plant. This time there were no manatees - but we found a few fish.

In a couple days we will pack the car and head north, but today we caught some fish.


  1. Gerry,
    Take your time...

    The Nissitissit is flowing over the road in Brookline, the Newfound is at 800cfs and broke 1000cfs last week, and the rest of the rivers are close to or at flood stage. Oh and we are getting another 6" of rain this week.

    I tried to get out, but nothing is safely wadable at the moment. I think we are going to have to be satisfied with trailing a grey ghost behind the boat this weekend on Winni for spring landlocks. About the only spot you won't get washed down to Massachusetts if you fall over...


  2. Gerry- good to hear your voice and to see Stan- particularly in the context of fishing.
    Safe trip to all of you back north, look forward to seeing both of you soon- Jeff Lindberg