Monday, December 22, 2008

Tying Time - Variation on a Variation part 3

I call this fly the"Bruiser." Yes, it is a big, meaty chunk for hungry fish, but it is black and blue, too. This WB is definitely a variation of the egg-sucking leech, which usually is tied as a black WB with an orange or red head. I once read that rainbow trout are attracted to the color blue in flies. So this seemed like a natural color combo for those early season rainbows that cough-up hatchery pellets when you land them.
Note: you might not (probably won't!) find in a fly shop all the different colored beads I use. Last winter my buddy Jerry Bernier bought a big supply of various colored glass beads and I bought a couple bucks worth off him. The red, pink, yellow and clear ones make great egg-flies. The others show up on my woolly buggers and larger soft hackle flies.


  1. Thanks for the pictures and detailed descriptions. You have stirred my imagination for the upcoming tying season and subsequent fishing exploits of 2009.

  2. Well Jeff, fooling around with fur and feathers sure beats shoveling snow or staring at the calendar waiting for the first hatches of spring. Stay tuned for more ideas.