Friday, December 5, 2008

Swift River - Dec 4

They say "The Tug is the drug" and I needed to get out and feed my habit. Dick and I headed out to the Swift River and had good day on the water. (Aren't all days on the water good?) We spent most of the time below route 9. We had the run below the hatchery pipe to ourselves for about 15 minutes. then a few other folks spread out down the stream. Only saw a couple fish landed. This is Dick with the rainbow he landed. I only brought one to net, but broke off quite a few. Dick and I had just been talking about breaking off fish on light tippets and I proceeded to demonstrate the process. Small midge larva, SJW, and green copper John all accounted for fish, although there was quite a long time between tugs.


  1. Gerry - that camera has shrunk that bow from 16" to 14" -- amazing how that happens.
    Having just read Ken's comments in the Miller's River blog I see why we only got one strike in the crib dam section - he had stung most of them just a few days before.

  2. Gerry - that camera of yours has shrunk that bow from 16" to 14" -- amazing how that happens.
    I think I see why we only had a couple of strikes in the crib dam section. Ken at the Miller's River site had stung most of the fish there just a few days before.

  3. Gerry and Dick - You should try my camera. It ADDS two inches to every fish!

    I worked the riffle area BELOW the "tree" pool of the pipe section on Wed. the 3rd for two hours in the late afternoon. There's trout there and they're not as educated as their brethern just upstream. Plus you have the place to yourself! A scud below a SJW was the rig. They hit the scud!

    I'll be back Sunday if it's not snowing too hard.