Monday, November 30, 2015

2015 Wrap-up

This was quite a year for me - both very bad and very good.  For fishing in New England, it was terrific.  Fished the Farmington a few times in the spring and summer and did very well. The Swift River was an oasis in the desert this summer and fall.  NH had a lot of rain in June, but then it pretty much dried up until late October. I did a bit of fishing on my own there, but got some of my FF students into nice stocker 'bows and wild brookies. Swift 2015 videos The Pemi in Lincoln/Woodstock was a major destination in July and August.  Water temps held up well and there were always a few fish to be found. Pemigewasset videos When the Pemi wasn't producing, I could usually find a few wild brookies in other White Mountain streams and ponds. White Mountain videos  My trips in September and June to the Androscoggin River in Errol were fun, as always.  The June trip was tough due to high water.  We couldn't fish the river for the entire two weeks in June, but fortunately the ponds and small streams fished well. June Errol videos  In September the river was back to low/normal levels and the fishing was good, especially in the FFO area in Errol.  In November, Jim and I took a trip to Sandy Creek near Rochester, NY.  Our friend/client Matt helped make arrangements to get us on some private water, and although the river was very low, we were able to find a few big browns and even a nice Atlantic salmon, seen being held by our guide Jason Franz.

Jason's guide service is called Trout-n-about charters Jim and I have hired him three years in a row and he has always come through for us.

This is one of two nice browns that Jim picked up in the same riffle in a small feeder creek that shall remain nameless.

 This big male brown trout must have gone close to 13 pounds.  It was the biggest I caught on this trip.

I'll be going to Florida after Christmas until April.  In the meantime, be sure to look at my YouTube channel  Also, I have posted the calendar for next June's Androscoggin River Alder fly and hexagenia all-inclusive trip. Check it out while there are still good dates available.

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