Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Swift memories

Yesterday I went fishing with an old buddy.  Actually, I went fishing with the bamboo rod he made for me right before he passed away a few years ago.  Every time I use that rod I remember Dan.  He was a good guy, a real gentleman. I have a lot of rods. A couple I wrapped myself that I particularly enjoy fishing. But as the years go by, what I fish with means less to me. Not that I don't appreciate the high performance characteristics of the new technology.  New rods are so light and powerful, they almost cast themselves.  I also appreciate the craftsmanship of the various bamboo rods I have.  But a rod is just a tool.  How you use the tool is what counts. To me the satisfaction of fishing with a fine tool is to be able to get the most out of the tool. To fulfill the vision of the rod maker. If the rod doesn't get in the way of my fishing experience, that's enough to ask for.  When I fish with Dan's rod I know that it does what Dan wanted it to do.  The taper he designed creates the smooth action. The craftsmanship he put into the construction and finish of the rod clearly show the pride he took in his work.  A little bit of Dan is there in the rod.  He would be glad to know that his work was fulfilled on the Swift River yesterday.
Tomorrow I'll be fishing with my friend Dick on the Lamprey River. It is one of the "Three Rivers" that get a late season stocking. I hope I tie into a rainbow or two to equal the ones from the Swift.
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