Monday, April 22, 2013

Hitting the ground running

This has been a busy few days.  We wrapped up our first Beginner Class of the Northeast Fly Fishing School yesterday.  As usual, the new fly fishers were an inspiration to us old guys.  It was fun sharing our knowledge about the sport we love.  Comparing our pictures from this class to those from April 2012, last April had leaves on all the trees and bushes - obviously not the case this year!  The water in the
Squannacook River was 51F, which is not too bad, but the air was the same temp. Our next class May 4-5 should have more leaves and more trout-food flying around.  Think like a trout, act like a bug!
Yesterday was also the day my partner Jim and I were quoted in the Boston Globe Travel section about beautiful spots in NH.  As I told the reporter, I actually revealed my fourth or fifth most beautiful spot, since I was not ready to share the very best ones.  Truth be told, I could name hundreds of "most beautiful" spots.  On any given day on the water there are bound to be multiple awe-inspiring views. As they say, "God didn't put trout in ugly places."  So fortunate to able to hang around in beautiful places with such nice people.
And tonight we have our New England Fly Box presentation at the Greater Boston TU meeting at Drumlin Farm in Lincoln, MA.  Hope to see some of you there.
UPDATE:  There were over 30 people at the meeting last night, who attended our presentation.  At least a couple are regulars here on my blog. Thanks for coming and saying hi.  I hope you enjoyed the presentation.  I would be interested in your feedback, either as a comment, or via email if that is more comfortable to you. 

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