Saturday, June 30, 2012

June - Life on a river

We had it all in June - heat and rain; high water, low water, hot water.  Any given day was a challenge, but on average: perfection!
The rains of May carried into June and the ensuing high water had us scrambling.  Our early June Northeast Fly Fishing School class in Henniker was great, but the Contoocook River was too high to fish, so we moved the on-stream session to the South Branch Piscataquog River in New Boston, NH.  There were still plenty of fish in the river and the students caught a few.  Here is a link to the class video. It was good to have some youngsters and women in the class.  They did quite well and added a lot to the personality of the class. If you haven't fished the Piscataquog River, you should give it a try. I fished it alone and with clients a few times in May and June.  I also spent 7 days in April and May on the tributaries doing volunteer culvert assessment data collection with our local TU chapter.  This river is a real gem, and I hope our project pays off in the future by improving the habitat to the point where the wild brookies in the headwaters are able to populate the main stem of the river and return to the refuge of the tribs as needed.
I just got back from two weeks guiding in Errol at our "virtual fishing  lodge."  More about that in the next post.
Did any of you folks have some fish tales to relate about your June fishing?


  1. Every time I'm out on the water there's tales to tell.
    For now all I'll say it's been one hell of a year so far.

  2. Yes Gerry. Its been a good early season. A highlight for me has been beginning to learn a couple of rivers in Mass, as I got a MA license for the first time this year. I was pleasantly surprised at catching hold over fish in unusually low and clear water of the Niss and stocked browns rising to Red Quills in the Squannacook. I'm looking forward to heading further west to the Swift and Deerfield soon. The Souhegan has been serving up some nice days and my favorite super secret pool (shared now with a friend from Jersey) gave up her gems as hoped. Pond fishing has been a load of fun early in the season as has been wee brookie waters.
    Two days up in Pittsburg was just as expected and maybe even a bit better and an Andro drift and drive up to the Little Magalloway was a blast. A new 2/3 weight rod and reel is to be delivered by 'Brown' tomorrow and that will see me ducking under brush to prospect brookies on those tiny waters away from the beating summer sun.
    I'm ready for the second half and am already beginning to smell the autumn days that will beckon us north for a cast and blast.