Sunday, April 1, 2012

Secret spots revealed

My partner Jim and I have spent years pouring over topo maps and Delorme Gazeteers; following unmarked logging roads; hiking into remote brooks and streams; and privately enjoying the benefits of our hard work.  We have found some great spots to fish.  Places where fish rarely, if ever, see a fly, lure or worm. Many of these places are not far from popular access points, but have been overlooked by the casual angler.  Other spots are far from the crowds and would never be found, unless you studied the maps, followed lots of dead-end trails and got lucky.
We have not previously shared these spots with friends, clients or close family members.  Prior to now, we have agreed to not even talk about these spots in our presentations or classes.  Never before have these locations been seen in print.  Most have never even been hinted at in private conversations.  But we believe the time is now for all to be revealed.

We had considered shopping these contents to publishers and magazine editors to see what kind of offers we can receive. We have even been in discussions about hosting a reality TV show, where we would visit a new secret spot in each episode, bringing along some lucky angler, who would experience the  most fantastic fishing of their life.  All of that sounded good, but rather than go through all of that; becoming famous and having to put up with autographs, paparazzi, fly fishing groupies, etc, we decided to cut to the chase and put it all out here for your information.
We have included maps; photos, directions and descriptions of the fishing to be found in each spot.  We hope that each time we go to one of our favorite spots, we will find a few of you there enjoying the great fishing.  Feel free to tell your friends, spread the word at your local fly shop and post a few of the better spots on your favorite spot-burning online forum.
Tight lines, and I hope to see you on the water soon!

Click here for all the juicy details!


  1. Good one. Somehow I knew this was some sort of prank. Hope you enjoyed your time in Florida!

    Bob W.

  2. Bob, Florida was great.
    Hope you enjoyed the prank. I got a couple emails from people who got April Fooled and had fun with it.
    Hope to see you on the water - but not at one of my secret spots!

  3. I was chuckling reading through the whole thing... The part about the reality show was what hinted that this was your April Fool's post....
    That was better than the fish stocking app one...


  4. Eric, Yeah, I guess I went a little bit over the top too soon. But there IS a little bit of truth woven through it. Last month I got an email from a reality show producer asking me about my fishing adventures; if I ran into any weird characters in my travels, etc. I guess she was looking for the next Pawn Star or cat fish wrangler or gator grabber in New England. I spent a couple days dreaming up outrageous scenarios, but none that would equal the wackos now appearing on your favorite cable channel.
    Also, don't forget about the "Rock Snot" breakthrough last April:

  5. I was thinking--"What? Are you nuts?"

  6. Yes, you might have thought for a moment that I was a couple flies short of a dozen. But then you had that sinking feeling that said, "I've been April Fooled!"
    Hope you got a kick out of it!