Friday, April 1, 2011

In the news

As I watched the news from yesterday and predictions for today, I see that I am in the middle of it. Yesterday morning I was driving towards Tampa and Joanne said that the sky seems a lot darker than when we left. This was 5AM when it was pitch dark already. Then the S#*% hit the fan and we were in the middle of rain wind and hail for the next couple hours. Then we got a call from my daughter telling us that we were coming back to the same weather we left in late December - a big snowy nor'easter. All I can say is, it can only help the trout, so I'm good with it. I see that MA has started spring trout stocking and the local streams should be stocked this week or next, depending on water levels. Also, there is new information about the fight against "rock snot" the invasive alga that now threatens the Farmington River, in addition to the current infestations in the CT, White and Mohawk Rivers of VT and NH.
I need to keep telling myself, "Spring is here. Snow is a temporary annoyance. The fish will be biting soon." I guess that is the same thing I tell myself every spring. You would think I would have convinced my self by now. Tight lines and see you on the water.


  1. With the confirmation of Didymo in the west branch of the Farmington, we have to be careful to keep it there, and not spread it.
    Any one who uses this river for any recreation must educate themself to prevention measures to prevent the spread.
    Check the CT DEP website for info.

  2. Its almost time,, Gerry. Get back home.

  3. John, I am here! (Home.) Went to the Swift R today. No fish downstream of rt9 bridge.
    Some found upstream, but water was REAL cold - 36 to 38F. A couple fish were fooled but I don't consider it a valid start to my season. I also stopped by my local wild trout stream, also no fish seen. The water was 46F though and ready for the fish to make their move. Let's get out there and fish!