Friday, January 14, 2011

Marlborough Show

Anybody going to the Fly Fishing show in Marlborough?  My guiding partner Jim Norton is giving our new presentation today at 1:00; Saturday at 2:00 and Sunday at 1:00 in the Destination Theater.  If you go to the presentation, be sure to introduce yourself to Jim.  (Click the blog title for the show program.)
I always enjoy going to these presentations to hear about both local and remote fly fishing locations.  I have planned a lot of trips based on information I got at these shows.  Southwest Montana, Delaware River, and Farmington river are some of the places I was inspired to travel after viewing FF show presentations.  I also like to see what other people say about places where I have fished.  Sometimes you can learn a lot from the "Grip-and-grin" fish-porn.  Let me know if you see anything interesting at the show.


  1. The last time I attended the Mass show I was very disapointed with what was there. I have not attended it since, that was several years ago.

    I'm going to the NJ show next weekend.

  2. Years ago I used to go to both the Wilmington show and the Marlborough show every year. Then just one or the other. Then Wilmington closed down and Marlborough went up in price and down in quality, so I stopped going. One difference I see in their program is an increase in the number of presentations. It looks like they have at least twice as many as they used to.

  3. I used to enjoy the show in Wilmington, at the Shriners I believe. It was held in March about St. Patricks Day. Corned beef and cabbage in Boston.

  4. While even I - with only 6 years history with Marlborough - have seen a reduction in the "big name" players and vendors -- this show is still our only show - with national and international info. Talking face to face with lodge owners from Alaska to Labrador is a whole lot more interesting sitting home because the show isn't what it used to be. Picking up a few bargins, putting a few bucks in shop owners pockets - who are still willing to move half their inventory for a weekend can't be bad for the industry either.

  5. Dick, you make good points. If I were around I would have been there. But I would save any buying for the FFNH show in Pelham, where all the shops are local. Any particular presentations that were better or worse than others?

  6. I am going to be fly fishing for the first time this spring so I went to the show on Sunday. I thought $15 was a little steep but I went anyway. There were more people tying flies than anything else. It was interesting to see these folks plying their skill and something I might take up some day but I was hoping to see more demos since I am new to the sport. I grabbed a TU application and the joining fee was half price (so my entry fee paid off) and I am going to get the Fresh Water plate for MA (there goes my costs escalating). I am glad I went and saw some things that I plan to buy in the upcoming months.

    I am blogging about my upcoming season at so if you have suggestions, tips, etc. then please stop by and comment.

  7. Gerry--My wife and I made the trip down and enjoyed it plenty.
    Met some folks, hung around with a friend, cast some new rods and most important, the atmosphere and excitement motivated my wife to take a casting lesson. There is a new rod planned for the household!
    A darn good way to spend a day in January, if you aren't fishing or chasing setters in the woods.