Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Postscript to yesterday's post

One of the hot flies on the Swift River was the Hotspot, a nymph I learned about from Ken Elmer's Miller River Fly Fishing Forum. I don't know if it is taken for a pellet, an egg, a pellet/egg sandwich, or whatever. I just know it works. Thanks, Ken!
Also, I frequently get some off-line email commenting or asking questions. That is fine, but feel free to hit the "Comment" button. This blog is for my fishing reports, but also for sharing information (thanks Eric and Bob) that advances our community of FFers. So get out of lurk mode every now and then and let's hear from you!


  1. Yeah...
    I think the only time I contacted you offline was to discuss the Coolidge Woods area and that pool that I was hitting the brood stock in. Which was funny- Ish's pic - he was standing right on the head of the pool that I described. That is a great spot.

    I read both yours and Ken's posts weekly. Great insight into different areas that are working and some good detail on what to use. I can troll and spin cast with the best of them, but still working on the fly fishing knowledge. Reading these boards have helped me have a very productive year with the fly rod. Thanks for the help- And I have already told my wife that for Xmas I want reservations for a day of fly fishing with Gerry... I need help on my nymphing techniques and setups :)


  2. Gerry -

    I also check in on your blog as often as I can. I miss the reports when you are off on your guided trips.... Thanks for all the info. you provide. It is nice to hear about the local rivers when I am stuck in the office and not able to get out on the water as often as I would like. I was able to get out of work early on Friday last week, and had some luck on the Squannacook.

    Eric - A lesson from someone who knows what they are doing is priceless. It is the best money you (or your wife) will ever spend. I was priveleged to spend a day with Charlie Shadan on the Connecticut R. in Pittsburg last year. (If you do not know Charlie, check the Evening Sun Fly Shop link on this site.) Since that time, it is like a whole new ball game when I am on the water. Every time I step foot in a river or brook, I now know where the fish are likely to be and how to catch them. I enjoyed fly fishing before I knew what I was doing, and would only catch a fish here and there. Now it is much more enjoyable to be on the water and catching more fish than I can count. I only wish I had done it sooner....

    Good luck.


  3. Dave,
    Oh - I do my fair share of knocking them dead with the fly rod, but it is always great to go out with an expert and learn new techniques or methods that can help out your game or even just clean up your existing skillset. I bumped into Bill (the guide from Lopstick up in Pittsburg )and just from talking to him for 5 minutes learned a couple of things to change to my tactics and I was a heck of lot more productive.

    I go with my father to Lake Ontario every year to go salmon fishing out in the open water before the fish go in the rivers. We do pretty well for ourselves. Well there were 2 other guys out there from NH- 2 retired steel workers that were having no luck. We helped them setup their gear, gave them our tactics and had them follow us out that night. Well- within an hour they had 2 on the boat over 28 pounds. Emparting knowledge is key to successful fishing.

    Pittsburg is fun though... My last trip up there 21 rainbows, 3 brookies and a beautiful salmon in 2 days.