Monday, September 7, 2009

Workin' on Labor Day

Tough job, but somebody has to do it. Today it was a guy from Philly attending a wedding at the MT Washington Hotel who needed to cure his hangover with a half-day of flinging a fly. I met him in Glen and we fished the Ellis for a couple hours, then moved down to the Saco River. Tally for the morning was three12" brooktrout landed, and an equal number of missed strikes. One on a SSH (Shadan Soft Hackle) and the rest on dries (small para-Adams, elkhair caddis.) We found a pool on the Saco River with a few nice trout swimming around. Very sporadic rises and he was only able to garner a couple strikes with no hook-up, but the sun was high and the fish spooky, so it was still a fun trip. After sending him on his way, I took out my Sage LL 7'11" 4-wt, tied on a beetle pattern and went down and caught one of those finicky trout - a 14" inch brown! Also gave my new Olympus underwater digital a workout.
Here is an underwater video.


  1. Gerry,
    The Stylus Tough???

    My wife just got me one for my birthday- haven't tried it underwater yet... But it looks like it takes great pics underwater...

    I had an epic weekend up in Pittsburg- 21 rainbows, 3 brookies and my first land lock on a fly rod...

    But I can't seem to find the fly that was working- I was using a gray ghost with a silver conehead that I had laying around in my fly box. That thing did all the damage- but I lost it on a salmon that snapped my line. Do you know anyone that will do tie custom flies? I can't find anyone online with weighted streamers...



  2. Eric,
    Yes, the Olympus Stylus Tough - also bought by my wife for my birthday. I had to take a lot of pictures to get a couple good ones. I need to get a divers mask to look through the viewfinder under water!
    One of my favorite LLS flies is the Black Ghost clouser.
    Charlie at Evening Sun Fly Shop does custom flies. See the link on the sidebar. If he is too busy, let me know and I or a buddy can help you.

  3. Wow...
    So you got a good one too then... (wife that is- btw- the "scouting" excuse made me laugh- I've used that one myself)

    I'll check with Charlie. There was something about that silver conehead weight that just seemed to attract them. I used a regular gray ghost that was identical except for the conehead and got nothing...