Friday, July 24, 2009

Keep the rain coming!

All the rain we have had may be messing up the beach vacations, but it sure is helping the fish. I was guiding the Saco, Ellis, Pemigewasset and Androscoggin Rivers this week and we had late-spring conditions, instead of mid-summer doldrums. The rivers in the White Mountains are running at wadable levels with water temps under 60F. Perfect! There were enough BWO, little yellow sallies and sulphers to keep the trout interested, as well as some caddis. I had both very experienced anglers, as well as beginners and all got some nice fish - almost all on dry flies. I hope the warmer weather in the forecast doesn't spoil the fishing.


  1. Gerry,
    How far up the Pemi are you heading?
    I may try to get out Saturday afternoon. Is Woodstock far enough up or do I need to head just south of the Notch?


  2. If the latest "rain event" doesn't blow out the river, the fishing should be good in No.Woodstock

  3. Forgettaboutit! The rain last night blew out all the rivers in NH. It'll probably be a week until they settle down. I guess "keep the rain coming" was too much of a good thing!

  4. Nevermind the downpours right now too...
    That sucks...
    They opened the dams up in Pittsburg a week ago. I guess I will have to hold out until I go to NY next month for kings out on Ontario...