Saturday, November 29, 2008

More Pond Fishing Stuff

I hope everybody had a good Thanksgiving. Thanks to everybody who attended our "NH Trout Pond" presentation Tuesday night in Pepperell. Quite a few folks came out for the meeting and I know some of you aren't members of that chapter, but heard about the presentation here. Here is a link to a couple articles I wrote that are published in the New England Fresh water Fishing Guides.

I was going to go fishing yesterday, but wimped-out. Charlie, Artie and Richie had planned to fish the Swift and Dick and Jim were considering the Cocheco/Isinglass. If I get any reports from hardy (or fool-hardy) souls who braved the elements, I'll pass it along. How about it guys? Anything to report?
tight lines!


  1. Artie and I fished the Swift yesterday below the Route 9 bridge. The water was low, slow and clear. Eighteen inch fish were one foot away all day long waiting for us to kick up bugs. We each hooked up several times but nothing came to the net... these fish were powerful. By l:30 p.m. were broke for lunch....we were sick of fish giving us the "dorsal fin" by this time. We headed down to the hatchery pipe and I hooked up once down there - the water was only about 8 inches deep and the fish starting screaming upstream - I must have hit a rock and sliced the tippet. The water was low all over the river - I think that I am done with the Swift till the spring.

  2. Gerry,
    I made it out to the Nissi the day after Thanksgiving. I didn't get out until an hour before sun set and I fished the riffles around the first bend below the Prescot St Bridge. I landed a really nice rainbow (~16 inches) on an egg pattern just as it was getting dark. I left you a post on a previous string asking how late into the winter the fishing holds up at the Nissi and the Squannacook? Wondering if the trip out will be worth it once cabin fever starts setting in after the holidays.

  3. Todd,
    I have never had much luck in the Squannacook or Nissitissit after mid-November. Usually the fall rains make the water high and it also gets cold quickly. I am usually fishing the Swift from now until March. (Of course the last few years my Jan-Feb fishing has been in Florida!)